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2017 Should be Interesting

LMP Team
Porsche will again fight for the crown jewels of endurance Motorsports in attempting to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans for a third consecutive year. The toughest competition on track is Toyota. The Japanese manufacturer has yet to win Le Mans. In 2016, Toyota retired in a dramatic finish just minutes before the end of the race with a technical failure and in 2017 competes with three cars against the two Porsche 919 Hybrid in the top LMP1-H class.

Five overall winners in Porsche driver squad

Behind the wheel of the Porsche 919 Hybrid with start number 1 Neel Jani (33/CH), André Lotterer (35/DE) and Nick Tandy (32/GB) will alternate. The three drivers share a combined experience of 20 Le Mans starts and five overall victories. Jani (8 starts, 1 overall victory) is the only Le Mans title defender and reigning FIA World Endurance Champion in 2017 and is also the [...]

Porsche announces a new 911 at E3

The GT2 RS is here, and it’s the Forza 7 cover car

Porsche just announced the 911 GT2 RS, a monster of a real-wheel drive sports car with nearly 700 horsepower powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbo engine. But the announcement didn’t come in Geneva, or Detroit, or even New York. No, the new Porsche was unveiled in Los Angeles, on the Electronic Entertainment Expo stage. Yes, Porsche just dropped a car at E3.

E3 isn’t the first place you’d expect one of the world’s biggest sports car brands to unveil a new car like the 911 GT2 RS. But then again, until this past year, you couldn’t drive a Porsche in most of the top-tier racing games because of an exclusive licensing deal with Electronic Arts. Now that that deal is dead, Porsche is showing up everywhere in the video game world — including the newly-announced Forza Motorsport 7.



Even with the proliferation of turbocharged engines across the automotive spectrum, one car still comes to mind when someone says, “I just saw a new Turbo,” 40 years after its introduction: the Porsche 911 Turbo.

After four decades, the mighty Turbo still presides as king of a 911 lineup that now numbers 20 different models. And it remains a road- and track-scorching testament to Porsche’s unrelenting devotion to its rear-engine sports car franchise.

Introduced in Europe in 1974, the Porsche 911 Turbo – officially called the Carrera Turbo and internally tagged the Type 930 – arrived on U.S. shores the following year as a 1976 model. Its fattened rear quarters covered wide tires that, along with the unique “whale tail” rear spoiler, were intended to instill [...]

The Legendary Porsche 911, Remastered

It made a huge impression on me

ROB DICKINSON, 49, recalls the first time he saw a Porsche 911. His family was motoring up the highway toward Béziers, during their annual vacation in France’s Languedoc region, when his father, something of a car buff, told Rob and his brother to look out the back window. “There’s a car approaching,” he said. “That’s called a Porsche 911.”

Five-year-old Rob leaped up on the back seat and gazed at the metallic green Targa screaming up the inside lane. “It made a huge impression on me,” Dickinson says, “the sense that the 911 has two characters, this bright, smiley, happy fat front face and this angry rear end which goes hand in hand with the raspy sound of the thing.”

That madeleine moment, an anthropomorphic first glimpse of the 911 as a living, breathing animal, triggered a lifetime spent adoring, owning and dreaming about the car. Every childhood birthday he asked his father, a [...]

Porsche May Expand With New Electric Car to Challenge Tesla

Can Porsche Overtake Tesla in the Clean Car Race?

porsche911targaPorsche AG may expand its growing lineup with a battery-powered vehicle to cater to demand for cleaner luxury vehicles and counter the rise of Tesla Motors Inc.

“Tesla has built an exceptional car,” Porsche chief Matthias Mueller said Friday at the brand’s annual press conference in Stuttgart, Germany. “They have a very pragmatic approach and set the standard, where we have to follow up now.”

The Volkswagen AG unit plans to roll out its seventh model line by 2020, but has yet to make a final decision on the car’s form. Porsche previously said it might expand the Panamera coupe line with a smaller version or a more spacious shooting brake variant. Porsche has also been considering a sports car between the 911, which costs $151,100 for the Turbo version, and the $845,000 918 Spyder [...]

Porsche offers to put modern tech in the dash of your classic 911

Radio Navigation System for those older vehicles

navigation-system-in-your-classic-911Older sports cars are great for hitting the open road, but let’s face it, they lack the bells and whistles of modern automobiles. Porsche is looking to help, though, with a new version of its Radio Navigation System for those older vehicles. On top of turn-by-turn directions, the Bluetooth unit sorts hands-free calls with ports for playing tunes from an SD card, iPod, USB stick or via an auxiliary cable. So if you have a Porsche 911 up to type 993, or a 4- or 8-cylinder that dates back to 1965, you’re in luck. Best of all, this new unit sports the overall look of those classic interiors, rather than a modern faceplate from the likes of Pioneer or Alpine. The automaker has offered to outfit older cars with navigation systems before, but this more robust upgrade costs €1,184 (around $1,342). Unfortunately, US [...]

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